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About Us

Centum One ( is one of Canada’s fastest-growing mortgage brokerages, specializing in residential and commercial mortgages across the country. We provide our clients, which include first-time homebuyers, existing homeowners and investors, with the mortgage products to meet their personal and financial goals.


We don’t just offer the lowest mortgage rates – our mortgage specialists help you customize your mortgage options to ensure affordable payments today and maximum savings over the long term.


Centum One ( is affiliated with more than 75 lenders across Canada. Thanks to our extensive network and high volume of business, we bring our clients the most competitive rates in the business, paired with a fast turnaround and a strong emphasis on customer service. Most importantly, our commissions are paid by the lenders, not the client, and conventional mortgages are provided at no cost. For non-conventional mortgages, processing fees may apply, however these will always be stated up front.


Our specialists include experienced mortgage brokers with more than ten years in the business, mortgage agents and our affiliate lenders. Through our association with Centum One Financial, we are able to offer cutting edge technology to reduce mortgage processing times and bring our clients the solutions they need, when they need them.


Whether you are shopping for your first home mortgage, looking for bridge financing, refinancing your existing mortgage or looking to mortgage an investment property, let the mortgage specialists at Centum One ( get you the best deal. Call us today to find out how you can apply.


Fast morgage

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5 - Yr Fixed
Apply Today for our Super Saver Rate of 4.09% and get pre-approved within 24 hours. Some conditions apply, an agent will contact you within 24 hours from application date.
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5 - Yr Variable
Ask about our Shorter Term Closed Variable Rate currently at Prime - 0.85% = 2.15%
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Great product if you are selling within 7 months, paying down your mortgage aggressively, or want the flexibility to move your mortgage at any time to another bank without penalties.